A study of hip hop music

Email Hip hop has been criticised for glorifying drugs, violence and carrying a sexist undertone. Still, it plays an important role in Black, Latin and urban-youth cultures and has become a social phenomenon worthy of academic study. Perhaps the controversies surrounding the genre are based on a misunderstanding, or perhaps a rather shallow analysis? For years, universities like Cornell in the US and Southampton in the UK have offered courses in hip hop in their music and social-sciences programmes.

A study of hip hop music

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It is a versatile art form — a statement I realized while studying media, in and out of school. Cinema is a passion of mine to study, produce and enjoy. Most of all, it is a medium that can utilize music while also define a music genre.

Music is another passion of mine and I am fortunate that both mediums are unifying art-forms. For instance, some of my most favored films are illustrations of a musical time period and define its depicted music genre. They also confront and demonstrate issues around the given culture.

To name a few, Almost Famous: The Beatles and the British Invasion and finally, the focus of my essay — 8 Mile: Race is also part of the narrative. This racial element is explored throughout the film, and especially summed in a discussion between B-Rabbit and his entourage of close friends: My analysis of 8 Mile will be an example of why the film is an artistic achievement as it relates to the large culture of Hip-Hop as theorized by author Murray Forman and Jeffery O.

There are different approaches to writing about a film and I will use a critical essay methodology Corrigan, With this method in practice, I presume that the reader will be familiar with 8 Mile as I analyze its components, such as setting, character and language, in relation to Hip-Hop culture.

Eminem grew as a person and rapper in this time and place which is a reflection of B-Rabbit, the main character of the film.

A study of hip hop music

Setting is an important element in film language to help convey the theme, build an atmosphere and make the film believable. Detroit was a motivated setting to associate music and race as depicted in 8 Mile.

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As represented in the film, the Hip-Hop culture in Detroit is one that depicts a division of race and social class. City of Cars, City of Music. The hostile racial relations that Quispel examines is an issue that reached its climax in the summer of when the race riot occurred.

Fights between young Blacks and Whites erupted and fought for several days.

A study of hip hop music

Its division is physical and metaphorical as it separates two different cultures and communities Esling, ch. In the film, we see the difference between the White and Black neighborhood. When B-Rabbit and his entourage visit their friend Cheddar-Bob after his accident, they are in a White neighborhood.

Director Curtis Hanson paces the scene in comparison to the neighborhood itself — slow, mundane and it lasts a striking two minutes compared to the rest of the film where it mostly takes place in a fast and eventful Black neighborhood with Hip-Hop clubs such as The Shelter, the streets and Detroit Stamping.

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The 8 Mile Road division in this instance can also be an indication between reality and aspiration. B-Rabbit, if unsuccessful in his career, may lead a mundane life but he aspires to become part of the Hip-Hop scene in 7 Mile Road and beyond.

While B-Rabbit spends most of his days in the Black neighborhood, he finds inspiration in the streets, at his job in Detroit Stamping and The Shelter. B-Rabbit then writes lyrics on a sheet of paper that is old and mostly filled, showing that he is inspired and writes frequently over the beats on his walkman.

At one point, it introduces a murder and rape crime towards a young girl. As he works at the Detroit Stamping factory another setting of inspirationhe sings: Alex Latourno, Hotter than an inferno Hotter than a crack house Burn internal He combines events of the night before: B-Rabbit writes from personal experience which is the reality of Hip-Hop artists like, as mentioned earlier, Nas and his album Illmatic.

The Journal of Hip Hop Studies

With the help of Communications theorist Michel de Certeau, Murray Forman expresses the use of narrative in Hip-Hop as it is an important cultural element that offers insight on space.

Cinematically, this is accomplished by shooting on location while capturing the film with handheld and dark-toned cinematography. It offers a distinct parallel with the characters that inhabit the locations. Not only do the settings reflect the characters, but it reflects Hip-Hop culture as well with its use of The Shelter, a Detroit Hip-Hop club.

The Shelter, as described by author Jordan Ferguson, was a venue for people to showcase their talent Ferguson In relation to 8 Mile, the venue represents the struggles of a White man trying to become successful in a Black setting.This study examined the culture of rap/hip-hop music and how misogynistic concepts influenced listeners’ attitudes towards how women and men are portrayed in rap/hip-hop .

So the Hip-Hop Institute will start with a hip-hop history course.” After that, the Institute will be broken into four schools, including Mass Communications, Law, History, and Music.

In many ways, the synthwave revolution has a lot in common with the swell of lo-fi hip-hop channels that have dominated YouTube over the past year. The music itself is distributed primarily. Overt misogyny in rap music emerged in the late s, and has since then been a feature of the music of numerous hip hop artists.

A content analysis of six outlets of media found that music contained substantially more sexual content than any other media outlets. [44]. Many have tried, myself included, but capturing hip-hop’s alluring qualities in an app is no simple task.

In the tech industry, many of us came of age during hip-hop's rise as a dominant art form. Its spirit of individualism, bravado, and constant reinvention makes it impossible for us not to admire. EFFECTS OF OBJECTIFYING HIP HOP 2 Abstract Research has demonstrated support for objectification theory and has established that music affects listeners’ thoughts and behaviors, however, no research to date joins these two fields.

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