Advantages and disadvantages to using computer technology in decision making

The robots help increase the number of manufactured products and decrease the production of defective goodsthey can produce the same quality products during the production processThey do not get exhausted and they work for a long period of time. The robots can be used in the computer industrythey are used in all kinds of electronics from the radios to the microwavesthey are used in packagingthey are used in producing the foodtextiles and the drugs.

Advantages and disadvantages to using computer technology in decision making

Advantages and Disadvantages of Communication Technology in an Organization - Use of Technology

The discovery learning literature often claims the following advantages: Motivation Disadvantages Most researchers would argue that pure discovery learning as a general and global teaching strategy for beginning and intermediary learners doesn't work.

The debate on how much guiding is needed is somewhat open.

Advantages and disadvantages to using computer technology in decision making

See Kirschner et al. Sometimes huge cognitive overload, potential to confuse the learner if no initial framework is available, etc. Measurable performance compared to hard-core instructional designs is worse for most learning situations.

Creations of misconceptions "knowing less after instruction" Weak students have a tendency to "fly under the radar" Aleven et al.

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Some studies admit that strong students can benefit from weak treatments and others conclude that there is no difference, but more importantly they also conclude that weak students benefit strongly from strong treatments. DSchneider thinks that despite very strong arguments Kirschner et al.

Most really serious studies concerned high-school science teaching. Now, science is very hard and indeed puts a very heavy load on short-term memory. In addition, in order to solve even moderatly complex problems a person must engage many schemas.

If nothing is available in long term memory, the learner is stuck.

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As an example, DSchneider from his own experience doesn't believe that object-oriented programming could be taught by a discovery approach. Making web pages on the other hand could. A project-oriented approach to web page making probably also would be less effective than a strategy like direct instruction.

On the positive side, students engaged in discovery with some scaffolding and monitoring provided by the teacher will learn to find resources, to read technical texts found on the Internet, to adapt a solution to their skill level learn something about the economicsto decompose a problem, etc.A management information system (MIS) is an information system used for decision-making, and for the coordination, control, analysis, and visualization of information in an organisation; especially in a company..

The study of management information systems examines people and technology in an organizational context. In a corporate setting, the ultimate goal of the use of a management.

Advantages and disadvantages to using computer technology in decision making

Training is a set of a systematic processes designed to meet learning objectives related to trainees' current or future jobs.

These processes can be grouped into the following phases; needs analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. Arrk Group is a full-stack, global technology services business which delivers outstanding Customer outcomes through imaginative consultancy led engagement, deep sector knowledge and enterprise-scale technology expertise.

Clearwater, FL – CAD-CAM software is used by thousands of CNC Machine shops around the world for its advantages in CNC metalworking. Here are 10 of the top advantages to adding CAD-CAM software to your CNC toolkit.

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#1. Increase Programming Potential. By adding CAD-CAM software to your CNC toolkit, you can open up possibilities for your business that may not have been there before. This blog is created for educational purposes. Info4mystery archive and support student, teacher, Educationalists, Scholars and other people for learning by facilitating reflection, questioning by self and others, collaboration and by providing contexts for engaging in higher-order thinking.

A plasma display panel (PDP) is a type of flat panel display common to large TV displays 30 inches (76 cm) or larger. They are called "plasma" displays because they use small cells containing electrically charged ionized gases, which are displays have lost nearly all market share, mostly due to competition from low-cost LCD and more expensive but high-contrast OLED flat-panel.

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