Can use etc essay

We envision a future network with hundreds of millions of active endpoints. These are not merely passive loads as are most endpoints today, but endpoints that may generate, sense, compute, communicate, and actuate. They will create both a severe risk and a tremendous opportunity: As infrastructure deployment progresses, the new bottleneck will be the need for overarching frameworks, foundational theories, and practical algorithms to manage a fully [data-centric] power network.

Can use etc essay

Can use etc essay

December I grew up believing that taste is just a matter of personal preference. Each person has things they like, but no one's preferences are any better than anyone else's.

There is no such thing as good taste. Like a lot of things I grew up believing, this turns out to be false, and I'm going to try to explain why. One problem with saying there's no such thing as good taste is that it also means there's no such thing as good art.

If there were good art, then people who liked it would have better taste than people who didn't. So if you discard taste, you also have to discard the idea of art being good, and artists being good at making it.

It was pulling on that thread that unravelled my childhood faith in relativism. When you're trying to make things, taste becomes a practical matter.

You have to decide what to do next. Would it make the painting better if I changed that part? If there's no such thing as better, it doesn't matter what you do. In fact, it doesn't matter if you paint at all. You could just go out and buy a ready-made blank canvas.

If there's no such thing as good, that would be just as great an achievement as the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Less laborious, certainly, but if you can achieve the same level of performance with less effort, surely that's more impressive, not less.

Yet that doesn't seem quite right, does it? Audience I think the key to this puzzle is to remember that art has an audience. Art has a purpose, which is to interest its audience. Good art like good anything is art that achieves its purpose particularly well.

The meaning of "interest" can vary. Some works of art are meant to shock, and others to please; some are meant to jump out at you, and others to sit quietly in the background. But all art has to work on an audience, and—here's the critical point—members of the audience share things in common.

For example, nearly all humans find human faces engaging. It seems to be wired into us. Babies can recognize faces practically from birth. In fact, faces seem to have co-evolved with our interest in them; the face is the body's billboard. So all other things being equal, a painting with faces in it will interest people more than one without.

There are billions of people, each with their own opinion; on what grounds can you prefer one to another? All humans find faces engaging—practically by definition: And so having a notion of good art, in the sense of art that does its job well, doesn't require you to pick out a few individuals and label their opinions as correct.

No matter who you pick, they'll find faces engaging. Of course, space aliens probably wouldn't find human faces engaging. But there might be other things they shared in common with us. The most likely source of examples is math.

I expect space aliens would agree with us most of the time about which of two proofs was better. He called a maximally elegant proof one out of God's book, and presumably God's book is universal. Instead tastes are a series of concentric rings, like ripples in a pond.

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There are some things that will appeal to you and your friends, others that will appeal to most people your age, others that will appeal to most humans, and perhaps others that would appeal to most sentient beings whatever that means.

The picture is slightly more complicated than that, because in the middle of the pond there are overlapping sets of ripples. For example, there might be things that appealed particularly to men, or to people from a certain culture.Only use write graphs when you are trying to essay a functional or causal relationship between can.

When showing different experiments, for example, use creative writing groups edmonton graphs etc scatter can. As an editor, I would almost always etc for a revision apply texas essay help a sentence that contains etc.

It usually can be reworded more precisely and better without using . Etc. Sentence Examples PT: There are several materials from which the contact lenses are made, such as RGP(rigid gas permeable), SH(silicone hydro-gel), soft contact lenses, etc.

Dry eyes can occur by wearing contact lenses . Nov 04,  · An essay is supposed to be a formal written thing. Unless you write the full word, etcetera, it'll just look bad! EDIT: Try using, for example, "He loved the library due to its amount of books, maps, dictionaries, and the Resolved.

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Do you like studying, learning new things, practicing your English, etc.? Do you stop when you see etc.

Can use etc essay

and wonder what it means? This lesson will look at the little things in English, such as how to show a list continues without actually continuing it. Youll learn how and when to use etc., the ellipsis mark (), as well as and so on.

Can use etc essay