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Character analysis of richard cory by

A Forensic Analysis Of The Windows Registry

There are numerous MRU lists located throughout various Registry keys. The Registry maintains these lists of items incase the user returns to them in the future. It is basically similar to how the history and cookies act to a web browser.

When a user types a command into the 'Run' box via the Start menu, the entry is added to this Registry key. The chronological order of applications executed via 'Run' can be determined by looking at the Data column of the 'MRUList' value.

The first letter of this is 'g', which tells us that the last command typed in the 'Run' window was to execute notepad.

Character analysis of richard cory by

Also, the LastWrite time of the RunMRU key will correlate with the last application executed in 'Run', or in this case application 'g'. With the information provided from the RunMRU key, an examiner can gain a better understanding of the user they are investigating and the applications that are being used.

In reference to Figure 2, it is apparent the user has sufficient knowledge of the Windows operating system - based on applications that have been executed, such as msconfig, cmd, sysedit, and regedit. Each subkey records values that pertain to specific objects the user has accessed on the system, such as Control Panel applets, shortcut files, programs, etc.

These values however, are encoded using a ROT- 13 encryption algorithm, sometimes known as a Caesar cipher. This particular encryption technique is quite easy to decipher, as each character is substituted with the character 13 spaces away from it in the ASCII table. A much faster and easier method to decipher this code is with the use of an online ROT decoder, such as http: Figure 3 - UserAssist Key Figure 3a - ROT cipher decoded With the UserAssist key, a forensic examiner can gain a better understanding of what types of files or applications have been accessed on a particular system.

Even though these entries are not definitive, for they cannot be associated with a specific date and time, it may still indicate a specific action by the user. For instance, in the example of Figures 3 and 3a the decoded value can show a potential amount of information.

First, it tells the name of the user profile - 'Cpt. Krunch' - from which the. Krunch could also indicate a handle or an alias of some sort. The Behavior of Organisms (): B. F. Skinner: Books

Second, by researching 'p2ktools. Finally, it shows the user has the p2ktools folder in a parent directory called 'Razor programs', which is located on their desktop. Not only does this give the location of where similar programs may reside, but the name of this directory is a good indicator that the suspect has a Motorola Razor cell phone.


If so, that too should be seized for further analysis. Wireless Networks Wireless networks today are popular and are only becoming more popular.

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A wireless ethernet card picks up wireless access points within its range, which are identified by their SSID or service set identifier. The contents of these should contain the values 'ActiveSettings' and 'Static '. There may be additional values that begin with 'Static ' and are sequentially numbered.

In the binary data of these 'Static ' values are the network SSIDs of all the wireless access points that system has connected to. This can be seen by right clicking the value and selecting 'modify', as shown in Figure 4. Figure 4a - Network settings of SSID 'flynn-net' Based on this wireless network information, a Forensic examiner can determine if a user connected to specific wireless access point, the timeframe, and their IP address they were assigned by the DHCP server.

For instance, if it were a case about a child pornography suspect that was war-driving to various network connections and using them illegally, these methods would be very useful. Given the suspect's computer to run an analysis on would make it possible to see what network connections they were using and the IP address that was assigned to further support a subpoena of the ISP.

A computer on a properly configured LAN should be able to display all the users on that network through My Network Place. This list of users or computers, like many other things, is stored in the Registry.

Therefore, even after the user is no longer connected to the LAN, the list of devices still remain, including desktop computers, laptops, and printers. The ComputerDescriptions key is useful in determining whether or not a user was connected to certain computers or belonged to a specific LAN.

Figure 5 displays the output of this key.Do you use tabs or spaces for code indentation? This is a bit of a “holy war” among software developers; one that’s been the subject of many debates and in-jokes.

Health & Medical History of Richard "Dick" Cheney

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His history includes multiple myocardial infarctions, moderate (or possibly worse) left ventricular dysfunction, cardiac electrical instability, and presumed peripheral atherosclerotic extent of his extra-cardiac atherosclerosis is unknown.

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