Contrasting treadwell and mccandless

Wild nature is often seen as a place outside the cultural sphere where one can still encounter instances of transcendence. Some writers and moviemakers contest the dominant romanticized view of wild nature by telling stories that somehow show a different harsher face of nature. Three films — Gerry, Into the Wild, and Grizzly Man — deal with contemporary encounters with wildness.

Contrasting treadwell and mccandless

Just about fifty yards beyond these trees was a large hillside running down into a valley where I would find a river supplying my water for the next 48 hours. As I entered the forest I was relieved to see that it was not as dense as I had previously thought, providing me with the opportunity to see the sun shine through and set up a perfect camp with plenty of room for my makeshift tent, some rope and a large tarp.

I found two trees about ten feet apart and tied the rope from one tree to the other. I seemed to be the furthest away from basecamp in comparison to my few other classmates who were also scattered about the Contrasting treadwell and mccandless.

I began to wander the forest that I was to call home for the next two days, making a cairn a stack of Contrasting treadwell and mccandless every once in a while to mark my way to make sure I can find my way back to my tent. How would I eat? What would I eat? Could I start a fire? Most importantly, could I survive?

Although all these experiences were able to teach me something new, this backpacking experience holds a place in my heart when it comes to survival and really being in the wilderness as it relates to Chris McCandless and Into The Wild.

McCandless died after roughly days in the harsh wilderness of Alaska, I can humbly say I would have been lucky if I were able to survive just a couple of weeks if I were stuck in my location, as I am nowhere near skilled enough to be able to survive in the wilderness alone and underprepared. It had been about eight hours my stomach had begun to churn and a slight headache cast what like a painful blanket across the top of my head.

Into the Wild

I gazed down at the valley below my campsite, watching the river run by, causing me to smack my dry lips against one another.

With the little moisture I had left I could feel my mouth begin to salivate at the thought of water. After a minute of looking back and forth between my water bottle and the river I decided to journey down the hill and fill it up. I knew that because we were at such a high altitude, much of the water flowing through the stream was just fresh snowfall, we were in the deep backcountry, nobody was back there polluting the water.

Getting water was a vital step to me being able to keep both my health and energy up throughout this 48 hour solo period, but the fact that I had no food bothered me.

The bothering part about it though was coming to the realization that if I were lost, stuck in this situation with no apparent way out, I would not know where to begin my search for food.

By the time the second day had arrived I was weak. The simple act of standing up made me short of breath, but my spirit stayed high knowing that it was over soon, and although it was painful because I had no food, the purpose of the experience was quite obvious.

Through this experience we were supposed to gather an appreciation for the simplicity and beauty of nature, as well as the ability for us to exist and enjoy solidarity without any form of communication or connection to the outside world.

This aspect of the experience I absolutely loved, being able to reflect on my life, think about the future, the past, think about the joys of life as well as the hardships.

Being alone for 48 hours despite having no food was ultimately sobering. This is why people like Chris McCandless seek to escape the society that we live in. Through my experience I was able to form my own outlook on what I believe my personal life journeys should be like, differing from that of McCandless quite dramatically, which leads me to ask the question, did Chris McCandless have a noble journey or a mindless death?

Eventually, McCandless decides to escape to the Alaskan wilderness, where he planned to simply live off of the land as long as he could. No twenty four years, we have read the book that was also made into a critically acclaimed movie about the journey of McCandless, unfortunately neither will ever be viewed by their subject.

While some may hold the belie that it was noble for Chris to flee to the Alaskan wilderness and give up the possession of material things, I on the other had find it to be mindless. The greatest survivalists in the world would struggle to live off of the Alaskan wilderness when prepared properly, McCandless was not a great survivalist, nor was he remotely prepared for what he had ahead in Alaska.


Through further evaluation, I am going to break down the flaws that occurred in the demise of McCandless, while analyzing his journey as a whole. I will attempt to show the mindlessness of his death and journey by comparing and contrasting his story to that of two other men.

One man by the name of Timothy Treadwell, who also lost the battle against the Alaskan wilderness, maybe for reasons similar to those of McCandless. Proenneke on the other hand is someone that experienced success living by himself in Alaska, living a life that he completely built from scratch just like McCandless attempted to do.

He was able to let life take him on a journey before he went to Alaska, but the reasoning behind that journey in my mind is not very noble. Everyone has their personal conflicts, sometimes requiring them to take a step back and reconsider the way they go about their lives.

This is what Chris seemed to do, as he wanted to remove his parents from his life and escape society as a whole Krakauer In my mind though I see this as a cowardly way of running from your problems.

To me it seems that McCandless was running from life.

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You run from life, and what is next? What happens when you cant live on a bus in the woods any longer? Chris may have realized how fortunate he was, but did this subconsciously get to his ego? Did these things drive him to believe that he could beat the rules of life, becoming a fictional character of sorts?

I believe so, and it is also something that proved to be the downfall of Timothy Treadwell, who I relate in many ways to McCandless.On one hand, Chris McCandless (Into The Wild), Timothy Treadwell (Grizzly Man), and Thoreau are similar in several ways.

All three men record some kind of documentation about their journey; McCandless and Thoreau keep journals while Treadwell keeps a video log. Into The Wild - Colter Jones Robinson Into The Wild Essay I will attempt to show the mindlessness of his death and journey by comparing and contrasting his story to that of two other men.

One man by the name of Timothy Treadwell, who also lost the battle against the Alaskan wilderness, maybe for reasons similar to those of McCandless. The Life and Death of Guy Waterman. Chris McCandless walked into the wild in order to understand himself and his life better.

He did not care much for the way he . It chronicles the life and death of bear enthusiast Timothy Treadwell. (Be sure to have your parents/guardians sign the permission slip first).

Contrasting treadwell and mccandless

In a page essay, compare and contrast Chris McCandless to Timothy Treadwell. Start studying Into the Wild Test. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. It also helps show McCandless's passionate drive for the frontier, like what Krakaeur talks about in the author's note.

colleague of bryant who worked with edward treadwell and found the seeds weren't toxic. Will and Linda. Unlike Timothy Treadwell, McCandless has everything; he is a college graduate Harvard candidate, belonging to a healthy but also wealthy family.

He is successful at sports, academics, society, briefly speaking, any type challenge he encounters.

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