Deserted island writing activity

Dale This idea is based on Desert Island Discs. Let the class come up with a story as to why they are there.

Deserted island writing activity

Your Stories Moustafa A long time agoI finished my vacation and take a bus to go to the city where my fight will take off. I asked a young gun was sitting next to me and he was in my age. In no timeI said "sureI agree".

When we reached to bus station deserted island writing activity found taxi in no time. Next, he told " I will arrive to the local fights terminal then the taxi will pick you up to the international terminal. I supposed that he knows the airport very well. After he leftI asked the taxi driver about the correct terminal of my flight.

The taxi driver reached to some terminal and let me leave. Only a matter of time after I entered to the terminal I realized that they were wrong. The truth isthis airport has two terminals.

One of them is for the national airlines and the other is for the foreign airlines. Indeed, my fight is international fight with domestic airlines! I had have to go out the the first terminal where the guy went out. It was time consuming but fortunately I reached to my flight in time.

Because it was a good chance and it was also my dream, so I decided to get it in no time. I had a thought that it was only a matter of time for I would being paid for my hard — working days to master Korean. At times, I believes in luck, besides my efforts.

At current time, I am totally confident in my ability and my scholarship is completely deserved. As now I experience lots of things my adopted country and achieve accomplishments that pleases myself and my family in a great way.

I started using some learning sites but it turns out to be time-consuming without benefit, then i found BBC learning English site and as time goes by i levelled up. Time after time my learning hours increased and my English improved in no time.

I really like it, but once a year and only for three weeks wasn't too much. Fortunately in regard to this subject! I decided to buy a caravan and travel throughout Europe. This kind of journeys are time-consuming, but on the other hand, they are interesting enough to make worth the effort.

Every time me and my husband set off in our caravan we spend two or three months away from home. I must say that at times we have to take a break, the journeys being so demanding, but we don't mind. At one time or another we have visited Italy, Germany, Austria, Portugal, Holland, France and Great Britain and we are so thrilled that we feel encouraged to dust off our french and even to learn german which I can assure you, is a great deal of effort.

As time goes by, the need to go further becomes more and more compelling. Well, not only a matter of time, money is also involved, but we'll do our best.

The way I feel now, I suppose in no time we'll be on the road or on a plane again. A long time ago, he figured out that something was wrong because he was always angry and irritable.

Time after time, he screamed and coursed everything he found if something stupid was not in the way he was thinking. As time goes by, people around him started to avoid Fernando because of his anger explosions.

However, Fernando has always had a big and noble hard. Suddenly, at times, he started to feel alone and sad. It was just a matter of time before Fernando wanted to make a change.

He knew that making introspection is time-consuming, but, he wanted to solve his deepest problems to work with them and change this attitude to life. Fernando went to some quiet place for some days to listen the nature ant to listen himself.Deserted Island.

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deserted island writing activity

Deserted on an island! What five items would you bring? Use this creative prompt to peek into your young writer’s imagination and cultivate their writing skills. Information about Patmos Island - Greece. Knowledge of the life of St.

John of Patmos (also known as the 'Theologian' or the 'Divine'), the author of the Book of Revelation, which includes the letters to the seven churches of Asia Minor, mostly comes from apocryphal stories recorded after his death.


Christian tradition identifies him with Other New Testament figures of the same name, St. John. Published in , the novel is a crossover sequel to Verne's famous Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and In Search of the Castaways. The book tells the adventures of five Americans on an uncharted island in the South Pacific.

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Cornelius Nepos: Lives of Eminent Commanders () pp.

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