Effects of eating fast food

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Effects of eating fast food

Several participants who were in favor of fast-food consumption believed that fast foods provide them with a favorable feeling, because they are delicious, quick to prepare, convenient to access, and easy to digest: The participants considered fast foods to be relatively affordable and easy to access: Furthermore, the variety of tastes, smells, and colors of fast foods were mentioned as factors motivating the consumption of fast foods: Social norms and friendship were expressed as motivating factors for fast food-consumption in that some participants stated that they ate fast food unwillingly simply to conform to their friends: Most participants said that they eat fast food because it is a type of food that is globally popular: The participants considered eating out at fast-food restaurants as a way of socializing and spending time with friends and family members: As stated by a few participants, the consumption of fast food gives adolescents a feeling of modernism and a sense of belonging to a higher social class.

The consumption of fast food was like a habit for some of the participants: Eating fast food at restaurants seems like a ritual and a way of entertainment for some adolescents: The quick approach to accessing and preparing fast food was also mentioned as a factor motivating the consumption of fast food.

According to the participants, fast-food consumption is common among some of the families because the parents of such families belong to the service class and they do not have enough time to spend on preparing and cooking traditional foods: The major findings of this study in terms of the factors inhibiting the consumption of fast food among adolescents are described as follows.

Several participants expressed that they avoid eating fast foods as it negatively affects their figure: Negative attitudes also originated from the health concerns of adolescents: Some participants or one of their family members or friends had previously experienced an illness or complication due to fast-food consumption: A majority of participants believed that the health concerns were among the major factors inhibiting fast-food consumption.

Some reported that their main concerns originated from rumors on the quality of ingredients used in fast foods as well as the manner in which they are manufactured and prepared: The participants were not even sure about the hygiene of fast-food eateries and restaurants: Moreover, a few number of participants preferred eating home-cooked foods because of the emotional atmosphere of eating with family members: It was also stated that eating home-cooked foods assures people that the ingredients are safe and healthy and that the cooking procedure is clearly safe without any health threats: Discussion The results of our study showed that the factors promoting the consumption of fast food appeared to be stronger than those inhibiting the consumption of fast food.

A similar trend is also observed in other studies. Currently, an increasing number of people are interested in eating out and visiting fast-food restaurants 6. According to the results of Thornton et al. This observation is consistent with the results of our study, because we found that social factors can both negatively and positively affect fast-food consumption.

For instance, the need to conform to friends and the tendency to attend public places such as restaurants promote fast-food consumption, whereas negative reports and experiences of friends and family members were reported as the inhibiting factors.

A previous research supported an association between the taste preferences and fast-food consumption among adolescents; moreover, other attitudes such as convenience and health may influence food choices 5. We observed the same phenomena and found that the time considerations of the adolescents and families played a major role in their tendency toward fast-food consumption.

Even some participants in our study prefer fast food because they are quickly and easily digested. Moreover, some studies identified that taste, cost, convenience, and health are key parameters that influence the choice of food 22 ; the same factors, except health, were identified in our study as promoting factors.

According to Steenhuis et al. Although Seo et al. However, some participants introduced fast food as a source of energy and calorie, which can help them to obtain sufficient energy for daily activities. The same concept is expressed by Martens et al.

This theory is in line with our results, which show that some boys and girls like eating fast food outside the home environment because doing so provides them with a sense of confidence.Most fast foods are high in fat, salt, and sugar which will speed up weight gain, and possibly cause a chain reaction of other problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and more.

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Effects of eating fast food

Types of Dining and Factors Why People Eat Out The Reality of Fast Food. Many people eat fast food on a regular basis and even if they don’t get fat from the calories, the body’s metabolism and immune system are suffering via the effects on the microbes. Junk food / fast food is the greatest scope of being fatty with cholesterol.

which can be lead to arthritis and heart problems too. with high calories bring so many problems with it.

Effects of eating fast food

As your post is so important and showing such a nice information and every parents should take lesson from it. Fast food costs relatively little and tastes good, but the negative effects on physical health last much longer than these immediate concerns.

With the high-calorie meals come more fat, cholesterol, salt and sugar -- and therefore fewer vitamins, minerals and other nutrients -- than in healthier ashio-midori.comd: Jun 17, The proponents of fast foods also suggest that it would be a significant waste of time for students, managers, and employees of busy institutions to spend more time eating or looking for food since it is economically unproductive (Johansen, ).

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