Gendered world of women in latin

UN Women is the UN organization dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women Fighting Femicide In Latin America Latin America is seeing a wave of powerful protests against gender-related killings.

Gendered world of women in latin

This post is also available in: Spanish Young people performing a drama during the service week activity. She is originally from Honduras. Each year, the Connecting Peoples program organizes a week long service activity, where many young people of Guatemala and El Salvador gather to discuss a relevant topic.

Last year we discussed the issue of migration, and through skits, the youth acted out the realities of each of their contexts. One of the skits was about a mother of two children who was abused by her husband. Tired of the abuse of their mother, the boys decide to migrate north in order to generate income and provide the means to remove their mother from her violent environment.

This skit promteded me to ask: While this drama portrayed a woman in a stationary position without migrating, reality shows that the numbers of migrant women is increasing. If the majority of migrants from Latin America and the Caribbean are women, why do they remain invisible?

Why do gender-based causes of migration not receive attention? Why is there not more attention centered on what happens to women when they arrive at destination countries?

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This, however, represented more of a semantic change, which is still poor on practicality and considerations that take into account gender variables. Ignoring women even though they make up more than half of the migrant population in Latin America, enables the absence of state responsibility and results in the maintenance of a high-profit business that significantly increases the Gross Domestic Product GDP of the sending countries.

According to the World Bank, in remittances reached However, abuse against women does not simply start on their journey as migrants. A few months ago, local students in the Ataverapaz area dramatized the story of an indigenous woman washing clothes on a rock in the river.

In the drama, a man approaches the girl and starts to harass her sexually. When she resists, he throws a rock at her to kill her. The rock wounded her but did not kill her, yet she responds back the same way and does kill her aggressor, unintentionally.

The sketch ended in the imprisonment of the girl for killing her attacker in self-defense.

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Unfortunately, this drama reflects many of the situations lived by women in the different contexts of their countries of origin. A femicide is a murder that is linked to contempt for women, sexism and the assumption that women are property.

The sketch illustrates the attempt of a feminicide: According to the Feminist Centre for Information and Action: Violence against women is a vicious spiral system in different areas. Sexual street harassment as seen as normal and is not condemned.

Women have less access to education assume much of the unskilled work in the manfacturing sector where they face exploitation, wage inequality and harassment. In the domestic sphere, abuse against women usually goes unreported due to fear of the spouse and the lack of trust in the judicial system.

As a woman begins her journey as a migrant her vulnerability increases.Gender (in)equality is a fairly salient topic in the Dominican Republic.

Women at INTEC, the university where I am studying, are pursuing careers in engineering, medicine, and business. The Gendered Worlds of Latin American Women Workersexamines the lives of Latin American women who entered factory labor in increasing numbers in the early part of the twentieth century.

Buy The Gendered Worlds of Latin American Women Workers by Daniel James, John D.

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Gendered world of women in latin

All present engaging case studies students can use to examine the functioning and interrelatedness of gender and racial ideologies in colonial Latin America. I either assign Colonial Lives in its entirety as one of the course texts or include a selection of its documents in a . A recent World Bank Study on gender norms that compared attitudes toward women in 20 countries, including Peru and the Dominican Republic, suggested that access to education and access to credit for women through microenterprise funds helps empower them.

Ironically, according to Epoune, there are gendered reasons as to why tourism has become a haven for women seeking employment.

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