I love food

To make the pittas, lightly dust a work surface with flour. Knead the dough gently, then cut it into four pieces and roll out each piece on the work surface into an oval about the size of your hand.

I love food

As a mom of three young kids, life can be busy.

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Now that we are in the midst of Back-to-School season, things are even busier with homework and all of the kids activities starting up again.

So, it can be hard to make time for the things that matter, such as getting together with girlfriends. Part of the reason is that hosting a girls get together can be stressful, due to the pressure to prepare food and beverages and plan activities.

But, having a girls get together can be easy and stress-free. First, ease the pressure by not entertaining all of your girlfriends at once.

Rather, just invite one or two friends over for a fun activity and a casual meal. Coca-Cola Meals at ShopRite For the casual meal, simply swing by your local ShopRite, perhaps on the way home from work or after the kids activities, and pick up a Coca-Cola I love food deal.

In the prepared food section, pick up a Ready Pac Bistro Bowl. Bistro Bowls are ready made salads, the 11oz multi-serve size is perfect for sharing. Then, grab a Coca-Cola beverage or two from the Coca-Cola cooler at checkout. The refreshing Diet Coke is a great accompaniment to the fresh salad.

Together, they are perfect for easy entertaining and a casual Girls Night In. Now, that the food and drinks are taken care of, you can focus on spending time with your friends. Here are four easy ideas for activities you can enjoy with a friend or two for a fun and stress-free Girls Night In.

So, invite a friend or two over to do an exercise class at home. First, find some space, push the coffee table away, if need be. Then, either stream or pull up an app on your device and do a yoga, strength training or cardio class at home together.

Or, go old school and pop in a DVD. I know I have a stack of old yoga dvds that I still enjoy doing. After your class, relax and catch up over a Bistro Bowl and a Coca-Cola beverage of choice.

I love food

So, make a date with a friend, perhaps one in your neighborhood, to meet up for a nice jog or stroll. Put your feet up and relax together while enjoying a Bistro Bowl and a Coca-Cola beverage. So, make a date with a friend or two to have a spa night and do facials at home together.

Find a quiet room, dim the lights, light some candles and play soft music. Cozy pajamas, bathrobes and fuzzy slippers are also good options.

Then sit back in recliners or relax on the couch. So, make a date with some friends to watch a favorite show together, either live every week, or save them up for a good binge. While you watch and chat, enjoy a Bistro Bowl and a refreshing Coca-Cola beverage.

The delicious pairing of a ShopRite Bistro Bowl and a Coca Cola beverage along with one of these easy activities is the perfect solution for a fun and stress-free Girls Night In. Do you have a favorite way to enjoy a Girls Night In? Please let me know in the comments below!The Hill’s Food, Shelter, Love® program is supported with every Hill’s® pet food purchase, helping more dogs and cats find the loving homes they deserve.

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