Lions led by donkeys essay

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Lions led by donkeys essay

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Lions led by donkeys essay

It suggests that soldiers fighting in the World War were brave and courageous as he refers to them as lions. In comparison their leaders, the generals were mindless and stupid like donkeys.

By holding these characteristics many believe generals exposed hundreds of thousands of British soldiers to their death. Haig was given the responsibility of breaking stalemate and hopefully bringing an end to the war.

Many assume he deserves his bad reputation but there is also evidence to explain his tactics and other generals like him. Generals were uncaring and withdrawn. They lived a surprisingly luxurious life as the war went on. They were nicely housed miles from where the frontline lay and fed so they were never left with an empty stomach.

In the trenches soldiers were faced with horrible conditions on the frontline with a lack of good food and the threat of diseases due to the decaying bodies of fellow men and big sized rats hungry to feed.

They were never safe and would have to live in the fear of being gassed or shelled. With this it appears that generals were fighting a more comfortable war than the men in the trenches giving them an uncaring attitude.

They did not experience the full impact of warfare but watched and commanded from afar. Tactics used by generals were repetitive and outdated.

Field Marshall Haig was 54 in age and was a great cavalry commander in the Boer War which had taken place fifteen years earlier. His military career was a long and successful one but he was unimaginative in his strategies and relied on those that he had successfully used in the past.

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In the French were faced with a difficult situation as the Germans attacked around the town of Verdun killing aroundFrench soldiers. He decided to plan a major attack along the River Somme in hope that it would draw the German soldiers away from Verdun.

There was an artillery bombardment for a whole week before Haig gave the order to go over the top. It was almost five months that it took to lift the pressure off of Verdun with hundreds of thousands of soldiers dying and barely any more land being gained.

Mammoth artillery bombardments merely warned the Germans that an attack was coming taking away the element of surprise.

Lions led by donkeys essay

Trench warfare was a new kind of fighting which Haig and other generals did not adjust into as they did not know how to cope with it and unaware of other ways they could have used that may have been less costly in lives. Generals would plan attack after attack which sometimes were successful but costly.

Full- frontal attacks sometimes did not work but even when realised the generals would still go ahead again making foolish decisions and sending men to an unnecessary death. Defence was scarcely used by British generals although sometimes it proved best in a difficult situation and easier.

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