Philosophy of health care for women

Received Dec 20; Accepted Apr Continuity of care CoC is integral to the concept of holistic women-centred care and fundamental to midwifery practice. Method We used a quasi-experiment design. This study was conducted by all final year midwifery students at two schools of midwifery in Indonesia.

Philosophy of health care for women

Quality assurance The primary purpose of quality assurance QA in healthcare is to ensure that the quality of patient care is in accordance with established guidelines. The government usually plays a significant role in providing structured guidance for treating a particular disease or ailment.

However, protocols for treatment can also be worked out at individual healthcare institutions like hospitals and HMOs. In some cases, quality assurance is seen as a superfluous endeavor, as many healthcare-based QA organizations, like QARCare publicly funded at the hands of taxpayers.

With respect to quality assurance in cancer treatment scenarios, the Quality Assurance Review Center QARC is just one example of a QA facility that seeks "to improve the standards of care" for patients "by improving the quality of clinical trials medicine. Abortion The ecophilosophy of Garrett Hardin is one perspective from which to analyze the reproductive rights of human beings.

For the most part, Hardin argues that it is immoral to have large families, especially since they do a disservice to society by consuming an excessive amount of resources.

In an essay titled The Tragedy of the CommonsHardin states, To couple the concept of freedom to breed with the belief that everyone born has an equal right to the commons is to lock the world into a tragic course of action.

The net effect of such a policy is the inevitability of a Malthusian catastrophe. Hardin's ecophilosophy reveals one particular method to mitigate healthcare costs.

With respect to population growth, the fewer people there are to take care of, the less expensive healthcare will be. And in applying this logic to what medical ethicist Leonard J.

Weber previously suggested, less expensive healthcare does not necessarily mean poorer quality healthcare. Eugenics The concept of being "well-born" is not new, and may carry racist undertones.

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The Nazis practiced eugenics in order to cleanse the gene pool of what were perceived to be unwanted or harmful elements. This "race hygiene movement in Germany evolved from a theory of Social Darwinismwhich had become popular throughout Europe" and the United States during the s.

After birth, man is effectively endowed with a series of natural rights that cannot be banished under any circumstances.

One major proponent of natural rights theory was seventeenth-century English political philosopher John Locke. With regard to the natural rights of man, Locke states, If God's purpose for me on Earth is my survival and that of my species, and the means to that survival are my life, health, liberty and property — then clearly I don't want anyone to violate my rights to these things.

This point is precisely where healthcare as a human right becomes relevant. The process of preserving and maintaining one's health throughout life is a matter of grave concern.

At some point in every person's life, his or her health is going to decline regardless of all measures taken to prevent such a collapse. Coping with this inevitable decline can prove quite problematic for some people.

Euthanasia One of the most basic human rights is the right to live, and thus, preserve one's life.Finally, my philosophy of health care for women at the end of this course is that, women deserve the best that is available in modern medicine; the technocratic, humanistic, and holistic models of medicine also, combined with clear communication and education through the .

Georgia Hospital will provide care that is a national example of consumer service" is a: a. Vision statement. b. Statement of philosophy. c. Mission statement.

Philosophy of health care for women

d. Rationale for care. Apr 22,  · The philosophy of midwifery care centers upon women-centred primary health care services, which rely on the relationships between women and their midwives during all women’s life cycle.

Midwives care for women during pregnancy, childbirth and in early parenting years.

Philosophy of health care for women

Balancing the cost of care with the quality of care is a major issue in healthcare philosophy. In Canada and some parts of Europe, democratic governments play a major role in determining how much public money from taxation should be directed towards the healthcare process.

The philosophy of healthcare is the study of the ethics, processes, and people which constitute the maintenance of health for human beings. Similar to hospice care, this area of healthcare philosophy is becoming increasingly important as more patients prefer to receive healthcare services in their homes.

Our philosophy of sharing information to give women control over their gynecological health and reproductive choices, and our absolute belief that women have the right to choose when, if, and under what circumstances they will have children, sets us apart from other abortion and women's health .

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