Pornland portlands dark side

Yes, I know that you have trouble believing that.

Pornland portlands dark side

Biting the Whore that Fed Me: An emerald paradise tucked 'tween snowcapped mountains and roaring ocean. Icy rain and steamin' coffee. The world's fattest junkies, hairiest dykes and most passive-aggressive liberals. Plus more strippers, call girls and self-described "sex workers" than any place should rightfully have.

Everything you need to know about the city is distilled in the fact that it has only one daily paper, two free weeklies and three free strip-club magazines.

Those who make their living in the city's sex industry? When I first moved to P-Town nearly 10 years ago, it seemed as if there was a strip bar on each corner.

It's almost as if Rudy Giuliani had used a giant broom to sweep all the sex shops out of 42nd St. Nowhere on Earth, with the possible exception of Annie Sprinkle's dungeon, does pornography struggle so boldly to paint itself in redemptive, artistic, community-building, "sex-positive" strokes.

Pornland's porn apologists go one step further than trying to make it respectable. They make it cutting-edge? No other city on Earth more aggressively nurtures the idea that taking off one's clothes in a dark smoky bar filled with swollen prostates automatically qualifies one as an artist, or at least a "sex worker," rather than a stripper or, Goddess forbid, a whore.

Obviously, taking off your clothes doesn't make you an artist any more than taking a shit does. Sure, I realize that even a sanitation worker is capable of performing his job with some measure of grace and nobility?

One can pick their nose with a certain degree of finesse, too? If there's one thing more retarded than pornography, it's the attempted intellectualization of pornography.

Pornland portlands dark side

Porn is theorized to death up here. Most of the "literature" that attends Portland's sex industry is glutted with fatuous, transparent, misguided screeds about our "rights" and "free speech" and "pro-sex attitudes," and "educating society," as if leaving a trail of Twat Slime up and down a brass pole was not only the ultimate act of artistic expression, but also of political commentary.

Whores magically become goddesses, proving that the only thing more ridiculous than arguing that pornography objectifies women is trying to argue that it doesn't. Not to mention the starkly ironic fact that pornography and "sex-positivity" are natural enemies. Pornography actually depends on the partial suppression of sexuality, or nude chicks wouldn't be so special that people would pay to see them.

The most farcical thing about this whole "sex-positive" crusade among sex workers is that if people were truly sex-positive, meaning sexually healthy and functional, the industry would disappear.

Fat, flaccid old men with cockeyed toupees wouldn't be throwing dollars at year-old meth-addicted runaways with snare-drum-tight skin and shaved-bald beavers.

Pornland portlands dark side

Still, to fend off the fundamentalists and the local DA, this amorphous mass of pimps, hoze and johns that calls itself "the industry" has to justify itself.

To survive, it must struggle to appear "classy" in the same way the habitual sinner strains to appear righteous. Therefore, it must pretend it's something that it isn't. Flipping through these free strip-club magazines, it's astonishing how often the word "classy" pops up in the ads for strip clubs, lingerie-modeling emporia known affectionately as "jack shacks" and call girls.

One escort service calls itself "Classy Ass," and if ever two words didn't belong together, it is these two. But that epitomizes the industry? Chief among these fantasies: The strippers have to pretend they like the johns.

The johns have to pretend the strippers like them, too. Sorry, but I just can't pretend. Strippers don't create anything that lasts. There is no message in their performances besides "Guys like to look at my crotch.

To view them as goddesses?Aug 10,  · Portland Walking Tours: The "dark side of Portland." - See 1, traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Portland, OR, at TripAdvisor. Portland. Portland Tourism Portland Hotels Portland Bed and Breakfast Portland Vacation Rentals Portland Vacation PackagesLocation: Portland, OR , Portland, OR King's Bounty: Dark Side.

I'm a lvl 12 demoness and so far I've conquered Portland but I have no idea where to go next or what quest I need to complete in order to move on. I've tried out Tristrem but I'm immediately wiped out in a matter of minutes with over troops in my army.

All the wikis I have looked at are completely usless (whole. The bulk of Dark Rose concerns itself with Elkins’s domination of Portland’s vice industry, his mastery (and corruption) of local politics, and his response to the Teamsters’ decision to move into Portland and take over his racket.

Donnelly’s account becomes more compelling, robust, and distinctive as it circles its main interest. Nov 15,  · Teenage girls got tricked into sex trade in the U.S. Dark Side Pornland, Oregon: Child Prostitution in Portland By Dan Rather, Huffington 19/5/10 May 19, - AM. Child prostitution has become a national problem in this country.

Yes, I know that you have trouble believing that. You don't want to believe it, so you tend not to. It seems welcome news that Portland -- celebrated for its rustic livability, its social and environmental consciousness, and its beer and its food -- isn't leaning heavily to the dark side.

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