Practice test for writing accuplacer study

Preparation Take the placement test seriously. Your placement results will determine which classes you are eligible to enroll. Retesting is limited, so do your best the first time. Study and review may help improve your placement results, particularly for math and chemistry, subjects for which you may not have recently practiced.

Practice test for writing accuplacer study

The placement tests are not designed for "pass" or "fail" results. However, course registration is determined by the results. It is very important that you do your best on the tests, to set an accurate measure of your academic skills.

Pick up a study guide at the Office of Academic Advising. Accuplacer Study APP You may test twice each major term Fall, Spring, Summer with the first day of class for the next term being the reset date for renewed opportunities to test.

Students will also need a Referral from Enrollment, Advising or Assessment to take a placement test. Be prepared to present your receipt as proof of payment for your exam. All students taking a Placement Test must present a photo ID for admissions to the test area.

School ID must be in hard plastic card format.

practice test for writing accuplacer study

Paper or electronic formats are NOT acceptable. The photo must be clearly recognizable as you. Appointments are not required for placement testing.

Students may come during open Test Center hours to take the exams. Students will need to sign in at least 1 hour before closing to be administered a reading or writing exam and at least 1. There will be a 2. For further information, please contact the Office of Testing and Assessment Services:ACCUPLACER Essay Writing Guidelines.

The ACCUPLACER is a group of tests that allow the students to demonstrate their skills and abilities in Reading, Writing . ACCUPLACER Free Web-based Study App!

Click here to get the FREE Web-Based Study App. Create an account using any email address. You will be required to enter this information each time you login to access the ACCUPLACER practice tests.

Test Prep for the ACCUPLACER.

Accuplacer Next Generation/Foundational Skills Testing - Testing ServicesTesting Services offers free Accuplacer Practice. ACCUPLACER Sample Questions.

practice test for writing accuplacer study

Accuplacer Practice Tests. College Board Accuplacer Website – Provides information about the Accuplacer testing format, provides information about each test section, and provides a sample test.

Graduate Educational Information Service's Website,* Provides practice tests in each of the Accuplacer sections. Below is our free ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills practice test.

There are 2 types of ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills questions. The first type are sentence correction questions. These test your understanding of sentence structure. You need to choose the best phrase to replace the underlined portion of the sentence.

Study Resources. Accuplacer Placement Testing Visit these examples for a writing style guide, practice writing prompts, and a scoring rubric.

How to Study for ACCUPLACER

This helps students know what it takes to reach a certain score on the WritePlacer exam; GCC has free Accuplacer test prep workshops given in the Center for Learning available for all students. Test Prep Sites.

Besides the official ACCUPLACER site and the study APP, other test prep sites for the Placement Test may be accessed on the internet by typing "ACCUPLACER Practice" from any browser search field. A number of sites will be listed, some for English and some for Math.

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