Prison and pretty amazing crimes

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Prison and pretty amazing crimes

Boy, do they have it rough. This is a job with so many cons against it. Yet in spite all the drawbacks that comes with the territory, brave men and women wake up every day and do what few are willing to put up with. Sure, we all think at one point in time how much our jobs are the worst ever.

Though really, is there any job worth comparing to a prison guard or correctional officer when one considers what he or she has to go through? It happens all the time. This person ought to be careful or get out while they still can. Aside from the age-old advice to never date someone you work with, we think this is especially true in prison settings.

Whisper Nothing good comes from cheating. No matter what kind of setting, circumstances or reasons for doing it, infidelity only creates trouble in life.

Prison and pretty amazing crimes

A prison already has enough challenges day in and day out. Did they live happily ever after? Or did it all go so horribly wrong?

We can only imagine. Anyway, prisons are scary places. The thing about prison, though, is that prisoners do actually make good on their threats.

Whisper Working at Starbucks provides free tuition reimbursement for college; In-N-Out employees are given a complimentary double-double and fries every shift they work; and the county prison bestows one with the fortunate opportunity to gloat at childhood bullies.

Prison and pretty amazing crimes

Whisper This confession reminds us of those who work in law enforcement or serve in the military, where many make the difficult choice of separating work from their personal lives. Prisons are an important and necessary institution in society, and there obviously needs to be guards to keep criminals from running free.

In a way, guards and COs are putting their lives on the line for the bettering of society. These things happen and can be scary because it puts upstanding citizens in danger, including their families. First, an inmate can take advantage of a guard, manipulating them to get things they want, or vice versa.

Second, never date those you work with see above. At least the earlier confession about forbidden love was conflicted, while this one straight up embraces it.

Here we go again, yelling at the screen, and helpless to stop people from ruining their lives. We probably need to come down from our high horse already. At least the prison guard should quit and find a new job.Well after clearly being coursed into a confession Brendon Dassey was convicted of first degree murder, mutilation of a corpse and second- degree sexual assault Those are some pretty serious crimes He was sentenced to life in prison with the eligibility for parole in So that’s when he is 59 yrs old that is extremely sad Brendan Dassey.

It's pretty amazing when you can smile for a camera, knowing full well you're about to do something that is most certainly a crime, and reason enough for discharge from the military.

She was a reservist, and got the chance to go to Iraq and "torture some folks" as Obama would put it. A man who admitted to sex crimes against a girl when she was between the ages of 8 and 10 is now headed to prison for at least a decade.

Kenneth Double was sentenced to 10 to 15 years in prison. The number of little psychological tricks our own brains are playing on us is also pretty amazing.

3. Lock ‘Em Up. The United States has just under one quarter of the total number of prison inmates in the whole world, making the U.S. the country with the highest prison population. Beyond Scared Straight is a reality TV show that follows teenagers who are forced to spend a day in prison to learn from angry, aggressive and violent inmates It is supposed to be a wake-up call for these teenagers who have begun to commit crimes at such a young age.

When Rashourn Niles walked free last summer after two months behind bars, federal agents had already begun the investigation that will put the Woodbridge man back in prison for the next two decades.

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