Property custodian inventory

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Property custodian inventory

DD Form Custodial Property Officer Competencies Property Custodians are the individuals responsible for the physical custody, care, and safekeeping over property in their possession or under their supervision.

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Custodians often have other job responsibilities aside from the management of property. Regularly scheduled physical inventories must be conducted and the on-hand quantities and conditions must be reconciled to the accountable property records maintained in the accountable property system of record APSR.

The importance of this task cannot be taken lightly. Routine physical inventories establish and improve accuracy and accountability of property in the custody of the Department.

Judicious physical inventories directly impact property availability, procurement actions, financial visibility, and overall supply effectiveness. The custodial officer is responsible for assisting the Accountable Property Officer APO in establishing and maintaining the most accurate accountable property records possible.

For example, the physical inventory only shows whether items were found. Items that were not found may have been lost, stolen, destroyed, legitimately disposed of but unrecordedor simply missed during the inventory.

Custodial officers may have the additional duty of uncovering what happened to those items that were not found and entering the data into the APSR. The following results should be achieved from the physical inventory: Verifying that property on record is on hand in the physical location or proper custodial area assigned, and has an identification marking and condition recorded Identifying unrecorded property so it can be reconciled to the property system and financial system Locating or identifying missing items Reconciling custodial, accountable, and financial records are reconciled Identifying items that are in need of repair or are excess and may be disposed All PDF files found on this page may be read by using the following program: All DOC files found on this page may be read by using the following program: All XLS files found on this page may be read by using the following program: All PPT files found on this page may be read by using the following program:The Division of School Facilities (DSF) is primarily responsible for the maintenance, repair, and the safe, efficient operation of all facilities under the jurisdiction of the The City of New York's school system.

Currently, there are over 1, buildings that make up the Department of Education infrastructure.

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We provide expertise in every aspect of building management and maintenance. The Property Custodian must click on View to approve the Annual Certification. 4. The Property Custodian will need to Review the Reports listed in . This State Property Control Handbook is a guide for Department Property Officers and Property Custodians within executive branch departments and agencies of State government.

Property custodian inventory

It describes your responsibilities and your authority in the management of State property. Used by departments to collect inventory data and as a Property . * Forms not signed by the Property Custodian will be returned for the appropriate signature.


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Please return with your completed school inventory. [Rev. 6/2/ PM] CHAPTER - UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE — ORIGINAL ARTICLES.

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