Spousal rape essay

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Spousal rape essay

The definitions of wife rape vary within the United States; however, it is commonly defined as unwanted intercourse or penetration oral, anal, or vaginal that occurs when a woman is forced, threatened with force, or unable to give her consent.

Most studies of rape in marriage have focused on couples who were legally married, separated, divorced, or cohabiting. Cohabiting couples have generally been included in research on wife rape because it is believed that the dynamics of violence between long-term cohabiting couples are similar to married couples.

It is believed that men who rape their partners are often domineering individuals who feel a sense of entitlement to sex with their partners. This sense of entitlement does not necessarily end when a couple is separated or divorced.

Women may be particularly vulnerable to rape by their partners when this sense of entitlement is challenged, such as when women are ill or have recently been discharged from the hospital.

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Pregnancy may be a factor that also places women at higher risk for sexual abuse by their partners. One of the most significant risk factors is physical abuse. However, not all women who are raped by their partners are battered women.

Women who are raped by their partners often experience multiple forms of violence, and the violence may vary over the course of the relationship with their abusers. Women commonly report experiencing broken bones, lacerations, knife wounds, torn muscles, and black eyes.

Marital rape survivors also report gynecological consequences, including anal and vaginal tearing, miscarriages, bladder infections, urinary tract infections, and increased contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. The emotional consequences of marital rape can be severe.

Although historically marital rape may have been portrayed as a marital tiff, the psychological consequences are often severe and long-lasting.

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Similar to other survivors of rape, women who are raped by their husbands frequently suffer from depression, intense fear, posttraumatic stress disorder, and sleeping disorders.

These consequences may be short-term or last for extended periods of time.

Spousal rape essay

Women who are raped by their partners often suffer emotionally because of the bond of trust and love that has been violated given that their assailant is their partner. It is evident that rape in marriage is a serious and prevalent form of intimate violence.

Future research should address the issue of prevention and how marital rape might best be eliminated. History, research and practice. Trauma, Violence and Abuse, 4, — Understanding the response of survivors and service providers. Forced sex and intimate partner violence: Health Care for Women International, 10, — Sexual assault in marriage: Prevalence, consequences and treatment of wife rape.

A comprehensive review of 20 years of research pp.

Sex-positive feminism - Wikipedia However, attempts to repeal laws governing marital rape often ran into trouble. Opponents argued that eliminating the exemption for marital rape would bring government into private family disputes and encourage false accusations.
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Marital Rape | Free Essays - ashio-midori.com Key ideas[ edit ] Susie Brighta writer and activist, one of the first persons to be referred to as a sex-positive feminist. As such, sex-positive feminists oppose legal or social efforts to control sexual activities between consenting adults, whether they are initiated by the government, other feminists, opponents of feminism, or any other institution.
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Legal perspective The year is and marital rape is still a legal concept in India.

Violence Against Women, 1, 6— Long-term psychological distress associated with marital rape and aggravated assault: A comparison to other crime victims.

Journal of Family Violence, 7, — If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services.Kevin Federline is almost unrecognizable as he puffs on a cigarette Blowing smoke!

Kevin Federline is almost unrecognizable as he puffs on a cigarette after asking for more spousal support from. Marital rape is a statistical significantly associated with economic conditions, interspousal communication, and difference among interspousal sexual desire, husband’s violent nature and many more.

It is very important that marital rape is over looked because of gynecological problems that a . Afritzoule Marital Rape 15th October, Marital Rape Marital rape is a neglected topic. Until recently, spousal exemption licensed rape in marriage.

The spousal exemption saw the birth of the rape immunity ashio-midori.com law fueled marital rape by allowing men to perceive women as the possessions and passive objects of their husband’s desires.

Sample Term Papers. Words 2, Summary: This paper focuses on the studies of researchers who have recognized the problem and attempted to bring the issue to the forefront of social ashio-midori.com discuss marital rape it is first imperative that it be defined so that boundaries of study can be drawn.

Next, it is important to recognize the symptoms, physical and mental, surrounding marital rape. Marital Rape Is A Serious Form Of Intimate Violence Words | 5 Pages. Marital rape is a very serious form of intimate violence. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the definition for marital rape is defined as, “sexual intercourse forced on a women by her husband, knowingly against her will.” (Oxford University Press).

Rape had been cloaked in stigma and silence for much of American history. Prior to the women’s movement of the s, it was understood to be a rare occurrence, as few survivors came forward.

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