Swot of suzlon

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Swot of suzlon

It is the only company of India which is having a global presence and as it is a market leader it can have benefits of its brand image. Prudent acquisitions and alliances Suzlon has entered in to very prudent acquisition which is helping it for increasing its main strength of vertical integration as well as provides chance of global expansion also.

Global Production As Suzlon has a global presence, it produces the products which can be used globally. Though it is not that much technically developed as compared to other global players, but its products can work at global level also.

Pricing Power Swot of suzlon Suzlon is the market leader in Indiait can drive the price and others will follow it. Butit is now necessary for it to produce and sell at low cost and the production must be cost effective, because new global players are entering in to the market.

Diversified Product line Suzlon is producing each type of wind turbines working in India. It has a wide range of products that has been sufficiently designed to cope with the specific conditions and to that give optimum results.

Sophisticated and modernized research and development facilities 9.

Swot of suzlon

Highly qualified and energetic work force 1. Operational Risk Suzlon as a market leader don't have that much efficient operation management team. We can say this because there are many complaints of customers regarding their operating staffs who provide after sales service and it is also looking up to some extent in operating the business.

So proper implementation of strategies is lacking. Growth in Assets diminishing Growth in Profits Since last few years, Suzlon has focused more on integration. So it has gone for acquisition and backward integration which blocks its investments in assets.

Thus its growth rate of profits has declined. So, compared to growth in assets the growth in profits is low which is not favourable for the firm. Unsupportive Stock Prices When a company's stock price is more than its book value, it can be considered as a good sign for investors, but currently due to the unfavour market conditions Suzlon's stock prices has fallen below the book value,while other competitor's share prices has not declined below than their bookvalue.

Unfavourable Ratings Before sometime, only Moody, a credit rating agency has down-graded Suzlon Energy Limited due to its financial weaknesses.

Swot of suzlon

They have also found the improper operation management at Suzlon. Improper Working capital Management Earlier Suzlon was a financially strong company. But the previous down-turn in the world economy has brought the company in a critical situation. And Suzlon is also facing this problem because of improper working capital management.

Euro in April and final payment of million Euro will be paid in May It can be found out that the cost of acquisition is too high and it has been provided that Suzlon will arrange this payments from external sources as well as from working capital which directly affects companies performance domestically as well as globally.

Such lacuna in appropriate and timely decision making in finance is the biggest weakness of Suzlon.Suzlon Energy Ltd. - SWOT Analysis company profile is the essential source for top-level company data and information. Suzlon Energy Ltd. - SWOT Analysis examines the company's key business structure and operations, history and products, and provides summary analysis .

USA and Suzlon Energy. Korean Order for a MW for the Jeju Wind Farm Project. for US$m. paying US$1.

Suzlon Energy Limited - Strategy and SWOT Report

Order Book: Suzlon’s order book position is a reflection of its strong market position and consistency in delivering to their customers. In March bn for its German rival. First export order. S.W.O.T – SUZLON ENERGY LIMITED MAY, Company Address: Suzlon Energy Limited, 5 Shrimali Society, Near Krishna Complex Ahmedabad BSE CODE: NSE CODE: SUZLON.

CHAPTER: 3 SWOT ANALYSIS OF SUZLON ENERGY An Assignment on SWOT Analysis Page 17 The SWOT Analysis of Suzlon Energy is explained below through the four indicators: STRENGTHS OF SUZLON 1.

Integrated business model Suzlon Energy Ltd. Is having an integrated business model that they don’t have to go to other suppliers for raw products.5/5(2). Suzlon Energy Limited (Suzlon) is a wind power company.

The company along with its subsidiaries engages in designing, developing and manufacturing of wind turbine generators and related components such as rotor blades, control panels, nacelle cover, tubular towers, generators and gearboxes. SWOT ANALYSIS • Integrated.

SWOT ANALYSIS: AN OVERVIEW Introduction A SWOT analysis may sound like a form of mission planning for James Bond. But, SWOT simply stands for: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. It is a business tool available in the tool box of any small business owner.

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