The lost boy by dave pelzer syntax analysis

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The lost boy by dave pelzer syntax analysis

He is hungry and cold as he sits at the bottom of the stairs in the garage. He feels like he is a prisoner of his mother, and the abuse has been going on for some time. He never gets enough food to eat and has to steal food at school.

When he returns home his mother forces him to vomit in the toilet bowl to prove he did not steal any food. He is routinely beaten. He always sleeps on a cot in the garage.

The lost boy by dave pelzer syntax analysis

At weekends he gets no food at all. He is an outcast in his family, with his mother targeting him for abuse but not his brothers. He often tries to stand up to his wife but she takes no notice of him. She will not allow anyone else to tell her what to do.

She tells Dave to come upstairs. She makes him stand in front of her and tells him not to speak or move. With his father standing by but not interfering, she asks Dave whether he agrees with his father that she treats Dave badly. He does not know whether he is allowed to respond. His father says that is no way to treat him, but his mother will not let go of his ear.

His parents start to argue, with his father trying to defend him and tell his wife that she is wrong. She opens the front door and tells Dave he can leave if he thinks she treats him badly.

He sees this as a chance to escape and he steps out of the door. His mother sneers that he will be back. He runs down halfway down the street, all the while thinking that his mother will come after him in the station wagon.

But she does not, and he feels happy and free for the first time. He decides he wants to go to the Russian River in Guernville, where the family would go for vacation before the abuse started. He has happy memories of those times. He does not know exactly where Guernville is and thinks it will take a few days for him to get there.

After a while he starts to feel cold and the thrill of his escape starts to wear off. He stops and considers whether to turn back. He hears a car coming and is convinced that Mother has come get him, but the car passes by. It is not her.

He decides he is never going back, and he again starts walking, heading for the Golden Gate Bridge, which he knows is on the way to Guernville. He is desperately hungry. It is Saturday night and he has not eaten since Friday morning.Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

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The lost boy by dave pelzer syntax analysis

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