Youku and tudou m a case solution

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Youku and tudou m a case solution

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Ever met a sad escort? I knew a guy who did this. And was Rich Bitch! Drove a nice Mercedes. But no paid vacation…unless…hmmm…I can call it a working vacation. He died for your children.Youku ( is the 2nd largest video sharing website online.

Youku and tudou m a case solution

The website is ranked in China as video website since YouTube is blocked. The website collectively with Tudou represents an enormous ball of video traffic and serves millions of users. Youku Tudou is the largest video-sharing site in China with more than million monthly visitors and over million daily video views.

Youku has become an effective social platform to reach a vast audience in China. Deals of the Year Alibaba privatizes and takes over Youku Tudou. CATEGORIES: M&A in China; privatization; TMT. (US$ billion) transaction is the first case of an M&A of A-shares and B-shares of an existing listed company by a non-listed company through a share swap.

According to an officer of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, it.

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Parties, docket activity and news coverage of federal case Triple Up Limited v. Youku Tudou Inc., case number , from Appellate - DC Circuit Court.

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