Youth life in afghanistan essay

If you lived in Afghanistan instead of United States, you would: In Afghanistan, that number is 5. In Afghanistan, that number is 52 years 50 years for men, 53 years for women.

Youth life in afghanistan essay

After the Taliban took over Afghanistan inthey did not follow some of these Conventions that their Party had signed there for the United Nations stepped in to make sure that the women in Afghanistan were not put in situation of being harmed. The Unite nations ensured that the women participate in programs to be Equal with the men[12].

They establish Gender Advisers[13] and Human Right Adviser[14] in Afghanistan to implement equality and establish the rights that all humans have.

The United Nations strongly, disagrees, the Discrimination against women in Afghanistan and will continue to help the women fight for their Rights. The rights of the women in Afghanistan got taken away when the Taliban took over in Women were not allowed to work, they were not allowed to get an education[17].

Girls have been attacked and even doused with acid to be kept from attending school. This opened the doors to violence, husbands would beat their wives. A recent study by Human Rights Watch, which interviewed 58 women and girls in prison, found that half were jailed for acts that any reasonable person would not consider a crime, like running away from abusive situations.

The women in Afghanistan get little support from police. The sentence was handed down by a tribunal and the women were lashed on their legs and backs for their misdemeanor. The women of Afghanistan in a constant war zone which put them in grave danger. Those who spoke out have to hide because of death threats[29] against them.

The women in Afghanistan are tired of living in a constant war zone[30]. When The Taliban took over Afghanistan, they had certain beliefs for the country, they believed in living the way their prophet Mohammed did centuries ago[31]. They had their own opinion in what was right and what was wrong. The prophet Mohammed was not this strict whit the women.

It is a hatred and fear of the women that drives the Taliban in this regard. Not all of these restrictions reflective of moderate Islam[33]. Some restrictions that the Taliban placed against women were: The law enforced by the Taliban allowed little freedom to the Afghans, and if you were to break the law, their punishments were extremely severe[37].

Thee religious beliefs of this Islamic group originated from Deobandilism[38]. These laws that the Afghans had to follow went against there religion but if they were to speak up about it, they would be sentence to jail time or even killed[39].

The Taliban had ideas that they could control their women, applying laws to them that went against the Charter of Human Rights. One thing that could have been done was maybe to make peace with the Taliban, and getting them to sign agreements of rights, saying that women are people too.

The women of Afghanistan had all their rights taking away when the Taliban took over.

Youth life in afghanistan essay

The laws that the Taliban enforced went against the Human Right Charter. This is an atrocity because the Women of Afghanistan are being harmed or put in danger of being harmed.UNFPA prepared the country's first Afghanistan State of Youth Report to help build the evidence base for youth related programming and advocacy.

More than 2, young people were trained as peer educators to lead open discussions on family life education to promote healthy behaviours. Role of youth in nation building essay pdf. Role of youth in nation building essay pdf E gps write an essay engineering college admissions essay.

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a new life, start families and put a bloody past behind them. Drawing on interviews and surveys with youth in Afghanistan, Colombia and Somalia, we find the principal drivers of political violence are rooted Youth & Consequences: Unemployment, Injustice .

Afghanistan: Afghanistan, landlocked multiethnic country located in the heart of south-central Asia. Lying along important trade routes connecting southern and eastern Asia to Europe and the Middle East, Afghanistan has long been a prize sought by empire builders, and for millennia great armies have attempted.

Afghan women and youth are vulnerable and are an intentional target of the many conflicts happening in Afghanistan. Afghan women have been fighting to turn the focus towards the fulfillment of peace and human rights. /5(10).

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